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The Dynamics of Asphalt Plant Management

BY Pave it Balck Podcast

In this episode of Pave It Black, our season continues to explore technologies with a discussion on how software may help with some of the challenges an asphalt plant operation faces with keeping all the balls in the air from current work, upcoming work, different customers, suppliers, materials, testing, maintenance, and all of the communication that is required to keep the drum turning and customers smiling. Richard and Brett talk with Ben Adomyetz, of the Rogers Group, talks about his company’s experience with incorporating the PlantDemand software at some of their production facilities and how they are using the tool to help better plan, communicate, and track the critical information plant operators need.


About PlantDemand

PlantDemand is an online plant scheduling and forecasting software for the asphalt and aggregate industry. Created for plant people, by plant people – it is an easy to use software that focuses on plant peoples’ specific information needs for planning and running their plant. 

Plant teams can work using an online live sales calendar/forecast, share plant material needs with suppliers, and perform real-time data-analysis to improve the entire supply chain network — facilitating communication and detecting issues before they happen. 

Available for your desktop computer, and on your iOS or Android phones.

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