Asphalt Concrete Aggregate iPhone App PlantDemand

After months of testing, feedback, development, and triumph–the PlantDemand App is finally available in the App Store.  While using your iPhone or iPad, you can quickly keep up with what is going on in your plants.  The simple interface is a lite version of what can be done on the website.  It will allow your sales team to enter asphalt orders quickly on their iPad, your concrete plant loader operator to see whats on the schedule for the next day on his iPhone, and your quarry superintendent to know if he needs to get the aggregate plant producing around the clock.

To see how it works, go download it now right here:

Plantdemand App

Try the PlantDemand App

This is the beginning of some more useful functions that will help highlight issues to you and your team.  But for now, get on board and download the app.  If you have any feedback or issues, feel free to contact us directly.

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