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PlantDemand Releases New Features, API Integration


A small company out of the United States and Germany, PlantDemand, has released a new feature with API integration that allows plant operators to integrate documentation to create custom dashboards with the company data. Custom reports with a data visualization tool can be created through a workflow using Microsoft Power BI and other tools.

Most businesses keeping up with digitization are using expert agencies in User Interface, which help foster software to make technology easy and useful to their specific needs. PlantDemand conducted User Interface tests and interviews and was iteratively built, tested and optimized for construction material planning. Because of this, it’s designed to be easy and efficient to enter, edit and move orders.

Daniel Mekis, who has more than 12 years of experience in asphalt industry materials operation, was an early adopter, and helped partner with PlantDemand, said, “For the first time, people could check what was on the schedule for the next days, know what aggregates and oils they needed to bring in, or who to contact on the job, all while viewing their smartphone and sitting on the couch in the evening. For the first time, our sales manager could pull to the side of the road, view the plants’ calendar and schedule (or move) a customer’s order on his iPad, while on the phone with the customer. Plant operators and supervisors had the important information at their fingertips. And for the first time, I could give my suppliers a detailed forecast with the click of a button.”

Organizations are working hard to reduce manual methods of completing repetitive tasks and are turning to technology to help. This will give time for the team to work on more important issues. Powerful, quick and simple tools that address these specific problems are perfect to add momentum to this journey.


About PlantDemand

PlantDemand is an online plant scheduling and forecasting software for the asphalt and aggregate industry. Created for plant people, by plant people – it is an easy to use software that focuses on plant peoples’ specific information needs for planning and running their plant. 

Plant teams can work using an online live sales calendar/forecast, share plant material needs with suppliers, and perform real-time data-analysis to improve the entire supply chain network — facilitating communication and detecting issues before they happen. 

Available for your desktop computer, and on your iOS or Android phones.

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