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How to Hack-Proof Asphalt Plant Controls


The team at PlantDemand, Munich, Germany, recommended training your team to recognize phishing and imposters. “This is the same as in every zombie movie,” they shared. “The most likely way the security will fail is if a human gets tricked into lowering their defenses.”

PlantDemand’s team also recommended your employees learn to rotate their credentials. You may be keeping passwords secret, but you should also change them on a regular basis. Also change certificates and access tokens on a regular basis. Because you should be using systems with change logs, audit logs and backups, you’ll be able to trace who changed what; if necessary, you can undo the changes from a particular user. Each user should have access to only the JMFs, schedules, order fulfillment, accounting information, or other data that he needs, which is all available within “sectors” of the PlantDemand system. Working on the “least privilege principle” could save your business much downtime and angst if there’s a security breach in one area.

The team at PlantDemand echoed the complex nature of Swartzwelder’s advice, listing a “patchwork of multiple solutions” so providers take care of their infrastructure/different company systems from different locations. While they suggested the VPN require a single sign-on to offer tightly controlled paths and gateways, not all information is in one, easy-to-access place.


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