Old Asphalt Plant

Problems Scheduling Asphalt Plants

Over the last 30 years most innovations in the construction materials industry have focused on equipment and processing based issues.  Most companies in the industry focus their efforts on building better crushers, more effective screens, more efficient dryer drums, and longer lasting bearings.  These products have come a long ways over the past 30 years, and the majority of advancement has happened here.

Despite the advances of computers, ipads, iphones, and other electronic equipment used everyday by the people who run these plants and facilities, little has been done to innovate on the human experience and the software that supports material planning and scheduling.



Online Asphalt Plant Schedules

What has been missing was a solution for the industry which could connect all these people who are independently struggling, to be working using one tool and solve asphalt plant scheduling problems together– A dedicated tool to help plant operators, sales people, managers and everyone who works at asphalt, concrete, aggregate and construction materials producers, to schedule and forecast their business. Out of this need PlantDemand was born.



PlantDemand was built, tested and optimized for construction material planning. Because of this it is easy and efficient to enter, edit and move orders and takes a fraction of the time it would take in an ERP.  Transparency of the schedule, mixes, orders, forecasts etc enabled a smoother operation, and gave the plants people the important information they needed to run their plants day-to-day, and spark the conversations that needed to take place.

Now at over 8 Million tons of asphalt scheduled in a few months, PlantDemand is becoming the fastest growing asphalt plant scheduling tool.  The customers have been raving, and love how it works.  And now the plants people are sharing their schedules through PlantDemand’s new Customer Portal

So stop sitting there trying to figure out how to link your Excel sheet to Outlook calendars, or build your own Access database and give the easy way a try.  Visit https://plantdemand.com/accounts/register/